The Zoom Workshop Series is a live training program centered around a series of topics critical to successful business ownership and leadership. They not only provide an opportunity for peer exchanges guided by the Business Coach, but also some coaching for you as well.

Marketing Series

Successful marketing is a process that requires a lot of communication and education. It can take people from not having a clue about what you do or sell, to someone eager to get more information about your company (or even become a client!). In this series, our goal is to help business owners learn about marketing to successfully promote their businesses, products and services, themselves, and feeling better educated about effective marketing services.

Building a Ladder of Loyalty

Want to build a large, unpaid, highly productive sales force for your business? A great way to achieve it is by creating Raving Fan customers and clients. You know, the kind that bring prospects to you who are ready to buy because your Raving Fan has talked up your business and their great experience with you. The best way to create Raving Fans is to use an integrated process that converts someone from a suspect (a direct marketing prospect in your target market) to Raving Fan status. That process, the Ladder of Loyalty, is the backbone that runs through your business to tie together the efforts of your entire company towards the goal of finding, developing, and keeping Raving Fans.

Marketing is Math

The best marketing performance occurs in organizations that understand that marketing should be regarded as an investment and not as an expense. Each step in the marketing and sales process must be documented, managed, and measured for successful performance. When that happens, we realize how many leads need to be generated to ensure enough sales are closed at the end of a designated time period. We recognize which parts of our marketing and sales process is working, and the areas that need improvement. We also know what marketing materials and tactics are producing results, and which are not.

Marketing Campaigns

John Wooden, one of the most successful men’s basketball coaches in the college record books, became well known for his philosophies of coaching success, and their application in the greater world. When it comes to success, one that really stands out: Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail. This seems like common sense, yet many small business owners invest significant sums of hard-earned cash on the latest fad in marketing techniques, hoping it will bring a lot more money through the door. Does the fad work for some businesses? Sure. Is it part of a consistent approach and strategy that works for YOUR business? Maybe, if you’re lucky. Well planned marketing campaigns ensure that your business optimizes your marketing investment to reap the greatest likelihood of success.

Uniqueness Sells
Unless you have been able to create, develop, and build a patent protected product, chances are you face real competition in your market. If your offer is pretty identical to a competitor, you end up having to market and sell on price, resulting in being the lowest cost competitor. Few businesses are able to grow and thrive by offering the lowest price. At least, not for long because competitors can immediately decrease their prices.

If you understand what differentiates you and the competition, you must effectively communicate those differences. It creates successful niches; and you avoid making price the main focus. Learn how to sell your products and services for consistently higher margins than your competition, allowing you to thrive in a highly competitive business environment.

Sales Series

Selling is a conversation, with a purpose, guided by curiosity and interest. Professional selling is helping other people to buy. In this series, our goal is to help non-professional salespeople (also known as Business Owners) to successfully sell their own products or services, and then successfully lead teams to sell their products and services.

Winning Sales Mindset

Success in Sales begins from the inside of the salesperson. You have probably heard something about the value and importance of self-talk, such as, What I say to myself, about myself, when I’m by myself? Salespeople have the ability to generate objections by what they say and how they say it. They also have the ability to talk prospects out of buying after the prospect has already decided that they WANT to buy. The alternative is to understand your mindset, beliefs, and to actively manage them for sales success.

Powerful Questions = Powerful Results

You have probably already learned that asking questions is a better path to success than making statements, and that listening skills are the most important skills in selling. Knowing how to structure the right questions, when to ask them, and what phrasing to use, will contribute to your selling success. Developing specific questions to use in YOUR business is even more valuable than a general understanding of the right questions.

Gaining and Holding Customer Commitment

You’ve done everything right in your marketing and sales process, and your prospect is ready to buy. What exactly do you say to get them across the finish line? How do you say it, and when? How do you respond if they are reluctant, or refuse to commit? Once they have decided to do business with you, how do you ensure that they stay committed? How do you manage buyer’s remorse?

Team Series

6 Keys to a Winning Team

Teams don’t just happen. Winning teams incorporate strategy, tactics, and a plan, just as any other element of success in business. They take into consideration the understanding of roles, culture, ways of doing things, and expectations. The list is not endless, but it is extensive. Developing freedom is the reward the business owner will reap from learning and working the process.

Service Makes the Difference

A key reason to build a team is to be able to deliver a higher level and quality of service to more customers and clients than could be done on your own. Effective and successful service is a combination of people, process, knowledge, mindset, and training. The reward for effective and successful service is a base of customers and clients who genuinely want your business to be successful. The rewards they receive from doing business with you become key elements of their lives. It’s a reputation that dramatically eases your marketing and sales challenges.

Leadership and Management Program

One determined and focused individual can accomplish a great deal. One determined and focused leader with a team and good management skills, can accomplish miracles. Our goal in this program is to provide the knowledge and skills to effectively work with people to achieve YOUR business goals.

Leading People

Successful leaders understand that there is no one way to lead. Success comes from having a bag of tools (or clubs for the golfers!) to use well as the situation demands it. Knowing what those tools are, and when to use them, differentiates effective leaders (a rarity) from everyone
else who might be in charge. Knowing how to use them well is when the magic happens.

The Role of Vision/Mission/Culture

Successful businesses know how to find, hire, train, and develop highly motivated (usually self-motivated) people who will work hard to drive the company’s success. The starting point for doing that is being able to make the company unique, valuable, and to be seen as a great place for people that want to work there. Develop a Vision for people to buy into. Create a Mission to tell people how the Vision will be achieved. Instill a Culture that guides people independently to great behaviors, decisions, and results. These are the building blocks for business success.

DiSC Whispering

In the 1960’s, seminal work confirmed that Personality determines our reputation at work. Our reputation determines how effectively we interact with others, and to be able to convince them of what to do and how to do it. It also illustrates what happens when we aren’t at our best. Our Personality tends to change VERY slowly — it takes a major life event, physical trauma, or both, for significant changes to occur. Understanding Personality helps us to modify our behaviors, which can change quickly. Improved reputation changes how people work with us, and our workplace performance and effectiveness. DiSC is a well-researched and proven methodology for utilizing Personality to better interact, lead, hire, market, and sell to people. It’s also simple in concept and use.

Management Series

In the last few decades, what’s the biggest fallacy that has invaded the marketplace? Management skills are trumped by leadership skills. The truth is that BOTH matter, especially for small business owners. Management skills are how we ensure the work is done well.

Managing Process

There is a process for EVERY SINGLE THING that happens in your business. That’s because people are creatures of habit. How do habits become a process? Usually, “That’s the way we’ve always done it.” How did we start doing it that way? When doing something for the first time, often by trial and error, a person figures out a way to do it and chooses not to make other modifications (because it was working!).

Is that a problem? Only if you want the key processes that you use in your business, and for your success, to be one’s that:

·   You don’t know about or even understand.

·   You don’t measure or evaluate to determine potential improvements.

·   You don’t know if they are truly effective.

·   You’re OK to have a key process “walk out the door” if the person doing the job abruptly leaves.

Time Management is an Oxymoron

If everyone in the world has the same amount time as everyone else, why is it that some people never seem to have enough time while others seem to have too much time on their hands? The truth is that successful people see time differently and utilize it differently.


Financial Skills for Business Owners

Imagine going to a foreign country, unable to speak or understand the language, yet still expecting to run a business successfully. Sound crazy? That’s exactly what small business owners do when they don’t understand the basics of accounting or choose not to review financial reports that are available to them. Accounting and Finance is the language of business!