Owner Coaching

Owner Coaching

These programs are designed for business owners who may still be involved in the day-to-day of their businesses. They do not have managers working for them. These programs are about either stabilizing the business to position it for growth or growing a business that has achieved stability. 

Action Coach- Russ Hall

Owner Business Coaching is for owners managing a business with 17 to 25 full-time equivalents. The goal is to develop one or more supervisors that permit the owner to step away from the detailed daily activities of the business, and to focus on growth. Focus is on owner development of business operations to permit hand-offs to them. Focus is also on the identification and development of one or more supervisors. 

Owner Foundation Coaching is for owners working a job(s) in the business with 9 to 16 full-time equivalents. Goals are to develop employees into a team that permits the owner to step away from working job(s) in the business. The focus is to implement Leveraged Marketing and Sales and Team Development for business execution. Focus is also on development of the Owner’s Team Management Skills. 

Owner Launch Coaching is for owners with up to 8 full-time equivalents. The owner is typically working a job (or multiple jobs) in the business. Goals are to create a team to assist the owner in implementing Basic Marketing and Sales, Basic Organization and Planning, and Basic Product/Service Delivery.