Why Coach with Me?

Why should I be YOUR Coach (and why should you be MY Client)? These are at least a couple of the questions that you are probably asking yourself at this point, right?

Here’s the main thing: while EVERY business owner and leader is different, the business challenges and opportunities they deal with are often not really that different.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Hire a Coach

That’s why coaching can work so well for you! 

But sometimes it’s hard to define exactly what it is that you are looking for in YOUR coach. There are some business situations that make me a better choice as a coach for YOU than others.

Since 2003, I’ve been doing this exclusively and have found there are 4 situations where I can really make a difference for YOU.

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1. Maybe what happened was not so good (maybe it even scared you!). Maybe things are going so well and so fast that you’re feeling more than a little out of control. Or, you realize that you’ve exceeded your own background and experiences, and you need some outside, qualified perspective to keep growing.

2. Your business is going well, but you know that with a team you could do so much more. The people you’ve hired aren’t working out as you hoped. In fact, you sometimes long for the days when it was just you and a couple of key people helping you, or on the really bad days, just you.

3. The problem is that you need to be at work all of the time. Not with your family, friends, doing the things that make life worthwhile. You’ve learned to be OK with that… but they haven’t!  The people you hired to help supervise and manage the team, are not there, at least in the ways that count. It’s clear that not everyone is performing as well as they could.  You need some expert, experienced help to address the issues that you face with the people you have hired to manage and lead your team.

4. Everything seems to be going well. Yet, you have a nagging feeling that the edge, or the skills, that brought you this far may not be what is needed to get you to the next level. You want someone to hold up the mirror to help you see what could be done differently. Or you just need someone who doesn’t work for, with, or around you to talk about challenging issues you face, and possible solutions (oh, and your significant other/spouse doesn’t need to hear about them either!).

If any of the above situations resonate with you, let's talk together!

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