Team Coaching

Team and Exit Plan Coaching Programs

These coaching programs focus on both the owner and managers in the business. The intent is to build leadership and management talent and skill strengths so that the owner can either take a passive role in their business, focus on other opportunities, or sell the business. It’s about creating choices and options for the owner. The owner learns to use Coaching skills in this program to supplement their other skills. The businesses in this program typically have more than 26 employees/1099’s (Full Time Equivalents).

Owner Freedom Coaching is designed to coach the owner and a General Manager/General Manager Equivalent (GM/GMEq) through the transition from the owner’s active leadership of the business to a passive role for the owner. This can be a challenging time for the owner, the owner/GM relationship, and the business as a whole. The focus is to insure that the transition is accomplished in an optimal timeframe blending pace with the maintenance of a strong relationship between the owner and the GM.

Team Leadership Coaching is designed to identify, select, and develop a GM (or GMEq) to lead the management team, and to hone the leadership skills of the team in general. The focus is to permit multiplication of the business (new branches, locations, markets, products/services, and other methods of expansion). The owner focus in the program is to learn to coach leaders.

Team Management Coaching is designed to identify, select, and develop managers that permit the owner to step away from involvement in the day-to-day of the business, and to focus on acceleration of business performance in preparation for multiplication of the business. The owner focus in the program is to learn to coach managers.