Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.” -Steve Jobs, Founder, Apple Inc.
Clients share their experience working with Russ Hall… 
“I needed assistance in getting a handle on the “big picture” and on running my growing business. Russ helped me do that!” – Karen Vining, President, Vining Financial Services, Inc. 
“What I am continually impressed with is his ability to keep MY interest in the forefront. He wants to help you go where YOU want to go, not where HE wants you to go.” – Dr. Mike Tumminelo, D.C., Life Empowerment Institute

Watch Bruce Meller, President, Home Forge Remodeling, speaking about his coaching experience with Russ Hall

“How I made the decision to engage a coach” 

“Becoming a leader instead of a manager”

“The overall impact of coaching on my business”

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“Russ is a particularly good match for me because his personality is distinctly different from mine. He is what I call a fighter-pilot mentality. He assesses the facts, weighs the alternatives, and gets to the decision point quickly. In addition, he has a bias toward action and does not get caught up in the analysis. I have a tendency to overthink issues – Russ drives me to decisions.”Bruce Meller, President, Home Forge Remodeling


“The thing I found most helpful was truly learning how to plan; not just for the day, but for the year, and know where, how, and when to focus my time.” – Daniel Crumbley, attended Russ’ Time Management workshop


An outstanding asset Russ has is his vast experience in the SUCCESSFUL business world. The coaching industry is riddled with those that can tell you what to do, but have never experienced true success for themselves. Russ has been involved with one success after another which has been extremely beneficial to my coaching.” – Dr. Mike Tumminelo, D.C., Life Empowerment Institute


During the seminar, you presented a “simple”, no-nonsense, reality-based approach to grabbing a hold of my business step-by-step that lets me work on my “business” instead of it just providing me and my team a job! For that I am grateful! I am finally starting to have a life! – Mark Treager, President/CEO, Outdoor Technology, Inc.