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Clients and their Success with Russ Hall …
Video Testimional 
President of Home Forge Remodeling, Bruce Meller
"How I made the decision to engage a coach"  

Video Testimional 
President of Home Forge Remodeling, Bruce Meller
"The financial impact of coaching on my business"  

Video Testimional 
President of Home Forge Remodeling, Bruce Meller
"The overall impact of coaching on my business"  



Video Testimional 
BNI Executive Director, David Alexander 


Testimonial for Russ Hall: Action Coach

 Over the last nine months of working with Russ, I have achieved great personal and professional growth.  Prior to hiring Russ, I had spoken with him over a period of six months as I considered the value of coaching and also the personality fit with him.  His personality type is a good contrast to my own – I saw this as an advantage since I would receive a different perspective from my own. With the right coach, you can make dramatic improvements in your performance at a faster pace than you would be able to achieve alone. Russ is that right coach.

 As the recession was ending, our business was in a defensive posture and needed to migrate to an offensive position to grow into the next business cycle. I felt that I had become blocked mentally and needed help in moving forward with key decisions. Russ helped with both my personal growth and the growth of my business.

 Personally, I have grown as a leader. I am in transition from manager to leader- this is key to moving forward with my new plan. On the planning front, I now have a sound 3-year plan to move into the next phase of my professional development. In addition, I am better prepared to manage situations as they arise in my business. This lowers my stress level and illustrates to me how prepared I am to accomplish my 3-year plan.

 These changes on the personal side have helped me to improve our team performance. We now have a written business process which is key to growing my business.  We are better positioned to select the right people for the key positions in the company over the next year. Team morale has improved as members get involved in crafting the documentation and processes to help us run better. Since refining our sales process, my close rate has soared from about 30% to 80%!  With this improvement, my confidence has also grown. We are truly on our way to achieving both my business goals and my personal goals.

 Coaching is a great value especially for entrepreneurs who can become isolated within their own companies.  There are often no people within one’s company who truly understand what it is to run a business and even fewer with whom an owner can speak candidly about the state of the development of the business. An outside coach provides a great sounding board as well as a channel through which to learn specific skills and practices which have proven effective in other businesses and industries.

 Russ is a particularly good match for me because his personality is distinctly different from mine. He is what I call a fighter-pilot mentality. He assesses the facts, weighs the alternatives, and gets to the decision point quickly. In addition, he has a bias toward action and does not get caught up in analysis. I have a tendency to overthink issues – Russ drives me to decisions.

 I enjoy coaching and plan to continue because it is accelerating my progress. Russ is a terrific coach and a big part of my success. The key is that Russ can help point me in the right direction, but I must always take the action for myself. He is not a substitute for drive, rather a compass to direct the effort.

I would recommend Russ to other business leaders seeking to grow both personally and professionally.

 Bruce T. Meller


Home Forge Remodeling, LLC

Dear Russ:
I want to send you this letter to thank-you for the tremendous amount of heart-burn you gave me after attending your BA 101 seminar in November of last year. I walked out that two-day seminar feeling quite ill about where my business was that moment and more importantly, where my business was headed if I continued down the same road. I discovered that my business was headed into the on-coming headlights of a disaster from the information you shared with us. I want to thank you for that moment and the ensuing pain that seminar has caused me these past few months.
In the 12+ years I have been in business I have been to a great many “business seminars” and have spent untold dollars on fancy programs and techniques that never really produced any of the results I had hoped for. I went to this seminar really expecting the same but your guarantee was the thing that got me to attend. I had nothing to loose!
During the seminar you presented a “simple”, no nonsense, reality based approach to grabbing a hold of my business step by step that let’s me work on my “business” instead of it just providing me and my team a job! For that I am grateful! I am finally starting to have a life!
Many of the topics that were discussed are now starting to see the light of day and I now have a renewed enthusiasm for my business. The best part is that since we have started doing just the basics you taught us I have seen a dramatic change in my business growth and in my associates.
The quality and quantity of the lecture, handouts and the books you provided us with far exceeded my expectations and more then doubled my return on investment of dollars and time. If you ever meet a business owner that is hesitant about coming to one of your seminars, have them call me personally and I’ll tell them myself that they need to attend.
Russ, once again, I appreciate the heart-burn, pain, and your persistence in getting me to the BA 101 seminar. I am looking forward to attending more of your seminars and engaging you as a coach at some point soon.
Mark Treager
Outdoor Technology, Inc.
I would like to commend Russ for helping guide me through some changes in my business and to reclaim time for my life!
As an independent financial advisor, I have been operating my on business for over 20 years, and have built a loyal base of clients. The challenge was that my business was beginning to change and grow. I was beginning to struggle with the workload and it was becoming apparent that I could no longer run my business as I had in the past.
Russ began working with me and I found that it was truly a “coaching” situation. He spent time finding out what my priorities were not only with regard to my business, but my personal life as well. In the end, the process enabled us to figure out what worked, what needed changing, and start the steps necessary to make the changes.
The results are that Russ brought clarity into my life and business. While I had been successful in growing my business in the past, it had been an intuitive process based on my sales skills. Now I have defined what type of clients I want, and how to attract and keep them with consistency.
Russ always made the coaching process convenient for me, especially in the beginning, when I had the desire, but no spare time to be coached. While it was sometimes difficult, the process insured that things got done and moved forward. Russ kept me accountable and on task. I can honestly say that I grew and learned a great deal from the experience.
I’ve got two words of advice for someone considering coaching…ACT NOW! Like a lot of small business owners, I knew my “product” – advising my clients regarding financial matters and setting priorities in their lives, but I needed assistance in getting a handle on the “big picture” and on running my growing business. Russ helped me do that!
Karen Vining
Vining Financial Services, Inc
He Changed My Life!
Russ Hall is an outstanding coach that delivers the highest of business knowledge, weaved with personal integrity, and genuine sincerity.
When I first began coaching with Russ I felt like I had a good grasp of the business world and how to apply that knowledge to my Chiropractics practice…But after dueling with Russ several times about the ways to improve my quality, decrease my stress, while increasing my profitability, he had me thoroughly convinced that I COULD do everything that he outlined.
As a business owner, many days would arrive where I was unsure of the decisions I was making and about how the future was shaping up, and Russ would calmly review the plan, remind me that that is where we were supposed to be at this step, and give me the gentle nudge I needed to keep moving forward towards success.
I have coached with several people before and by far Russ has been the best. He has an uncanny ability to “read” a person (me), adapt to their communication block, and proceed to get the conversation to move to where it needs to go to progress the business. I feel he always keeps my business goals in mind and truly has my best interest at heart.
An outstanding asset Russ has is his vast experience in the SUCCESSFUL business world. The coaching industry is riddled with those that can tell you what to do but have never experienced true success for themselves but Russ has been involved with one success after another which has been extremely beneficial to my coaching. When I present to him almost any combination of problems from my business, he is able to link it to my goals and find a similar situation from his past business experience and lead it toward the solution. Very powerful business resource.
His discipline in allowing me to make my own decisions and own mistakes so that I may gain from the experiences as I develop my business mind.
Finally, what I am continually impressed with is his ability to keep MY interest in the forefront. He wants to help you go where YOU want to go, not where HE wants you to go.
The Action system is an awesome coaching system that teaches many, many aspect of the business.
Dr. Mike Tumminelo, D.C.
Life Empowerment Institute