Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” -Sir Winston Churchill, Former British Prime Minister

Business Skills

Marketing Series

Ladder of Loyalty
Marketing is Math
Marketing Campaigns
Uniqueness Sells

Sales Series

Winning Sales Mindset
Question Funnels
Gaining and Holding Customer Commitment

Operations Series

6 Keys to a Winning Team
Service Makes the Difference


Leadership, Management, and Ownership Skills

Leadership Series

Leading People (2 Parts)
The Role of Vision/Mission/Culture
DiSC Whispering (2 Parts)

Management Series

Managing Process (2 Parts)
Time Management is an Oxymoron
Financial Skills for Business Owners


30 X Business

Mastery | Eliminate Chaos

Clarity of Your Direction
Investing Your Time Well
Managing Your Money
Consistent Delivery of Your Product / Service

Niche | Generate Cash

Marketing Methods and Tactics
Your Marketing Plan
Your Marketing Strategies
Sales Techniques and Strategies

Leverage | Preparing for Growth

9 Keys for Business Leverage
Strategies for Implementing Leverage

Team | Creating A Business That’s Bigger Than You

6 Keys to Winning Teams
Leadership Skills and Methods
Management Skills and Methods
Selecting and Growing Your People

Synergy | Replicating Your Success

30% v 30X’s
Marketplace Disruption
Innovation and Success

Freedom | A Life With Choices

Your Plan for Your Future