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Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.” -Steve Jobs, Founder, Apple Inc.

Let’s start by talking about YOU! Do YOU fit one of the four descriptions below?

You own a small business, and “something has happened”. You’ve been in business for a couple of years (at least), and you are feeling pretty good about what you’ve been able to accomplish so far. FIRST, Congratulations…THAT is a BIG DEAL!

Here comes “The But”…either you’ve had something happen that has really gotten your attention (scared you!), things are going SO well and SO fast that you’re feeling more than a little out of control of the situation (it scared you!).

Or you have come to the point that you’ve realized that you’ve exceeded your own background and experiences, and you want some qualified outside perspective to keep growing.

You own a small business and growing a team has created challenges. You have been doing REALLY well in your businessand it’s been so successful that you are looking to bring on people to help you to run it. Or you’ve already brought on people to help you to run it.

And things aren’t going as well as you hoped. In fact, you sometimes long for the days when it was just you and the team…or on the really bad days, just you.

You own or work in a larger business, but aren’t satisfied with your current levels of team performance. All of the stuff that has to be done to find, nurture, and deliver to customers has good (or, mostly good) team members in place.

But it’s clear to you that not everyone is performing as well as they could, and you want some expert, experienced help in addressing the issues that you face with them or that you face with the people you’ve hired to manage them.

You work in (or lead) a larger business, but something “just feels a bit off.” Your career is going well. But you have a nagging feeling that the edge, or the skills, that got you this far may not be what’s needed to get you to the next level. You’d like someone to hold the mirror up to help you to see what you could do differently.

Or you just need someone who doesn’t work for, with, or around you to talk about challenging issues you face, and possible solutions (oh, and your significant other/spouse doesn’t need to hear about them either).

If any of these situations above resonate with you, you are someone that we work with!

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One-to-One Coaching Programs

The Leverage Coaching and Leadership Coaching Programs are designed for business owners who have already experienced significant success and growth. The program goals are as much (or in some cases more) about developing the managers and team in the business as they are about developing the owner. 

Leverage Coaching is for entrepreneurs with typical goals of developing and growing business portfolio/exit strategy

Leadership Coaching is for business owners who lead managers in an organization with 31+ full-time equivalents (employees/1099s). Typical goals include developing a General Manager who leads the management team and also focus on other opportunities.

The Business Coaching and Foundation Coaching Programs are designed for business owners who may still be involved in the day-to-day of their businesses. They do not have managers working for them. These programs are about either stabilizing the business to position it for growth or growing a business that has achieved stability. 

Business Coaching is for owners managing a business with 19 to 30 full-time equivalents. Typically goals in this coaching program are developing a manager(s) that permits the owner to step away from managing the daily activities of the business and to focus on growth.

Foundation Coaching is for owners working a job(s) in the business with 10 to 18 full-time equivalents. Goals are to develop employees into a team that permits the owner to step away from working job(s) in the business. Leveraged Marketing and Sales, Team Development for business execution.

The Launch Coaching Program is designed for early-stage business owners who are ready to build support staffs, or who want to get their business on track from the start to avoid the typical pitfalls of start-ups.

Launch Coaching is for owners closely engaged in all daily activities of their business who have 4 to 9 full-time equivalents. The program goals are to build a stable business platform of employees that support the owner’s performance. The focus is on Basic Marketing and Sales, Basic Organization and Planning, and Basic Product / Service Delivery.

Group Coaching and Workshop Programs 

Group Coaching and Workshop Programs are designed for business owners and leaders who have limited resources but do want to invest in their knowledge, growth, and experience some level of coaching support.

Group Coaching is for Solopreneurs and Early Stage business owners. It provides a mix of education, coaching, and accountability to them. They typically fewer than 4 employees or full-time equivalents.

The Zoom Workshop Series is a live training program around a series of topics critical to successful business ownership and leadership. They also provide owners and leaders with an opportunity for peer exchanges guided by the Business Coach. Five tracks are offered:

• Marketing Series
• Sales Series
• Operations Series
• Leadership Skills Series
• Management Skills Series

The 30X Workshop Series are two training programs taught by ActionCOACH Founder and Chairman Brad Sugars via pre-recorded videos. They are built around a series of topics critical to successful business ownership and leadership through the course of the Business Track, and personal growth and lifestyle through the Lifestyle Track. They also provide owners and leaders with an opportunity for live peer exchanges guided by your local Business Coach. Each Track consists of various topic areas with 30 sessions.

• 30X Business
• 30X Life

Training/Skill Programs

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