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You made it here because I work with successful business people who are committed to the growth of their businesses and themselves…

     > and who have gotten “stuck” on a plateau…
     > or who want to AVOID “getting stuck”…

9 symptoms of “stuck”…


1.   MONEY…you’re working hard to make MORE…it doesn’t matter how much you are making now, you WANT…or NEED…MORE!


2.   Better MARKETING and SALES Results…critical to your business success…and it’s NOT what you are trained to do!


3.   REVENUE Vs PROFITS Vs CASH…there’s always plenty of one of these, or maybe even two…but it’s TOO RARE an occasion that you have all three for any time with consistency…


4.   TIME…your business does OK with the “Money” stuff.  You just don’t have the time for anything else outside of business…


5.   PRIORITIES…you are pulled in too many directions…every moment of the day…and it’s causing you to miss opportunities!


6.   "STUCK"…there was a time when you enjoyed being involved in the smallest details of your business…but now you don’t, or, more critically, you are “getting in the way” too much…


7.   "CRAZY"…you feel as if you are working for a maniac…you know, the person looking at you in the bathroom mirror each morning…that nobody in your business seems to like anymore…that nobody in your family likes anymore…that you don’t like anymore…


8.   PEOPLE…the team you hired causes you more headaches than they help you to fix…


9.   MANAGERS…who look to you before they’ll do anything that really matters… 


If you’ve experienced any of these, and you are ready to make a change, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve been coaching using ActionCOACH systems since 2003. We CAN and WILL make the changes that you WANT and NEED for your business and your lifestyle!

It’s a simple decision…DECIDE to take part in a Complimentary Business Evaluation.

Its three simple steps:

1. Fill out a short questionnaire (think of going to the doctor and filling out a case history…just shorter…it’ll only take you about 15 minutes at most!)

2. We’ll talk about the questionnaire on the phone for about 30 to 40 minutes. The conversation will help you start to get to know me, and help me to generate some ideas for your business.

3. We’ll get together for an Evaluation Session for about 2 hours. You’ll walk away with details of how to take advantage of your opportunities, and close the gaps, that you have in your business. You’ll know the Return on Investment that you could realize by making the changes. You’ll know all of it with a clarity and focus you may never have experienced before. And you’ll have "test driven" coaching to see if it’s something that would make sense for you.

(And it’s COMPLIMENTARY, so there’s no money for you to pay out to gain the insights and clarity)

You see, I believe that, having had the courage, faith and commitment to be a business owner or leader that you deserve to have more time off AND to take home more pay than any of your employees


Neither one of us is getting any younger!  And your business and life aren’t getting any better by waiting!

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